Another darktable video

I made another video about my 2 favorite new features, haze removal and blend modes Lab a-channel and b-channel. Constructive criticism accepted.


I had wondered about the low pass denoise, thanks for sharing!

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Haze Removal is excellent, also one of my favourites. Thanks for this video

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Using lowpass for denoising is a neat trick. Thanks for sharing. Just one thing: Enabling profiled denoise together with lowpass means that you effectively run regular profiled denoise and blur the result of that as denoise comes earlier in the pipe. I am not sure if that’s what were after.

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Oh! Right. I hadn’t thought about the order in the pipeline. Thank you.

Interesting video. I have to try denoise removal with lowpass filter.

Yet, I only used the low pass filter for noise removal in case of really heavy chroma noise as it seems quite aggressive to me. Using the new LAB blend modes is an interesting idea. I wonder how it compares to using one low pass instance with blend mode color.
In general I prefer the proiled denoising. Here I like to set the blend mode to average. Someone gave the advice in some thread here (can’t remember who and where). It creates a significantly more pleasant result at least IMHO. It avoids this painting-like and/or blotchy look, which can easily occur and you don’t have to be that careful, when pushing the sliders. Also when using average blend mode, it is still recommended to focus on shadows using the parametric mask, as shown in the video. In case of stronger noise I tend to choose wavelet mode. Pulling down the opacity may give a more natural look then.
For chroma noise removal I like to use another profiled denoise instance, which is set to wavelet and blend mode color.

Normally, I use 2 instances of profiled denoise but I hadn’t tried using the Average blend mode. Thanks for the tip, I prefer the result! I probably should have mentioned that I only use the low pass for denoise on the higher ISO images. I do use low pass with blend mode color to ADD saturation without increasing chroma noise.