Another happy little doggy without crazy lightning

What’s better than 2 doggies?

3 doggies. Now they are completed.

DSC_2222.NEF (25.3 MB)
DSC_2222.NEF.xmp (16.7 KB) - DT 3.7

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Beautiful dog!
My fast edition on dt 3.7.0 beta
DSC_2222.NEF.xmp (12.0 KB)

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I can confirm this.

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Kept it a bit softer and put some emphasize on the head.

Take 2: (19.0 KB)

Although I did achieve what I was going for in the first one, I do think that softness might not be all that good a choice. Decided to do a full re-edit.

Tried my hand on b/w processing for this one…

RT5.8 dev

DSC_2222.jpg.out.pp3 (17.4 KB)