(Another) MiniPC setup and darktable?

My current setup is Lenovo t460p or t440s. Performance is quite good for small edits but for portraits it’s terrible. Even about 10 sec before image refresh itself (few instances of tone curve, local contrast and so on) for 16-20Mpix image.

So I’m thinking about buying some mini pc with decent GPU (like GTX 1050 Ti).
I did some research and found that mini pcs rarely have discreet GPU because the power supply is usually around 200W (not much).
I know there are Zotac Magnus (poor reviews) and intel nuc hades canyon with Vega RX (expensive).

Thus my question. Is there any way to tell which GPU can give me say 2 sec delay assuming: AMaZe, denoising (profiled), local contrast, equalizer and tone curve activated?

I’m assuming using at least: i5 6 gen, 8 GB RAM and SSD (m.2 if possible). And of course I will use Linux on it.

Thanks for any suggestion!

and by the way. I used old NUC for a while but it was like having a drone which tries hard to start but can’t… So also good to have something quiet :slight_smile:

Do either of those Lenovos have a thunderbolt port? You could look at getting an external GPU.

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Unfortunately they don’t. But if I had laptop with it this is an option :slight_smile:

FWIW, I put a GTX 1050 Ti in my daughter’s PC (she’s a gamer, not a photographer) along with a power supply capable of supporting it. The fan is loud, and runs at constantly varying speeds. Not peaceful at all.