Another preferences question

(Hans Petter Birkeland) #1

The last entry in the core options tab: “auto-apply per camera basecurve presets”. I don’t find a good explanation for this in the manual, neither in the Base Curve section nor in the Preferences section. The default setting is “off”, which means that the appropriate preset in the Base Curve module is auto-applied(the ones called “Canon eos like” and so on. As I understand the Base Curve section of the manual, darktable also comes with base curves made specifically for certain camera models, not only brands. Is this correct? And how can I access these or find out which ones they are? I see no difference anywhere after checking this option, the base curve presets stay the same.


(Mica) #2

I think the per camera base curves are depreciated now and only kept around so as not to break everyone’s existing edits.

If you want a custom base curve for your camera, you can make one: