Ansel (was: R&Darktable)

I didn’t see that coming!:

“Ansel”?? Bold, but I do like the new name, R&Darktable was too difficult to write and shorten, like “rdt” or “r-dt” etc

Anyway I take it as a sign that AP’s work on this fork (that I’m happily using) is not over yet.


Very early days… looks like its still being built ie the website…most of the content isn’t there and the links aren’t populated yet…at least on my end…

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Links not working my end either. It will be interesting to see what he includes and excludes from Ansel.

Link works for me.

Quite amazing what Ansel can do, editing an ugly night sky to an image of a guy sitting in front of three screens. darktable can’t do that!

Means: seems website not ready yet.


How did you find this?

Slightly worrying that there’s a “pricing” link at the bottom. Hopefully just a default from the template.


Just scroll down for content.

IMHO way too early for any comment, other than “more options are good

Bonus: I like that Hugo is used as site engine.

If you like an image compare JS slider inside Hugo you can follow this method:

The original intent stated in the README:

This fork is and will aim at staying compatible with upstream darktable regarding the pixel processing pipeline, modules, old histories and so on. Edits created with this fork or upstream darktable can be open in either of the apps.

Has now changed to a less ambitious:

Ansel is based on darktable 4.0 and is fully compatible with XMP edits and database darktable 2.x up to 4.0 database and XMP files.

So just be aware that if/when this gets abandoned in the future you may not be able to “return” to darktable anymore.


simply by checking AP’s github, I noticed the main repo was renamed “ansel”.

@bastibe I also noticed the “pricing” down below but I also believe it’s just a leftover from the template. As everyone has noticed already this (the website) is work in progress.

@dterrahe You’ve spotted something interesting, probably the most interesting thing there was to notice; “Ansel”, is now promised to be compatible with dt 4.0 so I will also need to check out dt 4.2 when it’s released later this month and decide what to do. I have checked the news and the only thing that is interesting for me is the new highlight reconstruction default which I will need to test and see if it’s a final solution that will save me editing time – in which case I will probably go back to dt.

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AP also offered private lessons so he may have some things that are related that have a pricing structure…

In a dark room with bright screens. Methinks that’s not an ideal editing environment.

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You haven’t seen and tested the a) new snapshots b) style preview c) performance gain :slight_smile:


And I would add the Sigmoid module. Darktable 4.2 will be a major release.
Congratulations to the development team.
Greetings from Brussels


well, you’re right! I haven’t… so I will check 4.2 for sure

(it’s just that I don’t use snapshots that much, ditto for styles; about performance, it’s true that you always want more of it)

Absolutely. Currently my default :slight_smile:

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And that’s a pretty major reason to stick with darktable, rather than a fork of it.

Also goes the other way. As soon as darktable 4.2 is released in a few weeks, and people start playing with it, they may no longer be able to move easily to Ansel without losing some edits (because there are a number of changes in darktable that haven’t, and may never be, ported to Ansel).


They zoom and pan in sync now so maybe you will… :slight_smile:


I learnt something new again today. The snapshots match the new zoom magnification of the image. That is cool. I just wish I could rename the snapshots like I can rename new instances of the processing module.

I respect that you choose not to use styles, but I find them such a time saver. For instance, I have a basic style to apply denoise (profile), anti-aliasing sharpening from the D&S module and the basic colorfulness preset from the color balance RGB module. For most of my images this is just part of my workflow. I also have presets for my underwater camera and other special circumstances. The preview option is a nice addition in 4.2, but in reality unless the preview was the shown on the main image it is not that useful for me.


@hannoschwalm , I started to think some weeks ago that Diffuse and Sharpen was running faster on my i7 (no opencl). Have the changes been progressing for a while in Master?