Ansel (was: R&Darktable)

It seems to be hidden by default and should be enabled from preferences.

Source: Make plugin loaded optionaly, don't show map, slideshow and map views… · aurelienpierreeng/ansel@e047a7e · GitHub

thanks, found it.

AP just made big announcement on YT

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What did he say? His YouTube doesn’t currently list a recent upload.

I suspect he’s only released it to his paid subscribers so let me guess. Is it an apology?

No. It’s on the community tab.

Why is no one saying what the announcement is? :grin:
It’s just that he’s started a new forum for Ansel users… interesting but not extraordinary.
See here: Aurélien PIERRE - YouTube


I don’t think he is at the time of the excuses, it is enough to read his article in French on his site. I leave you to judge but for me, it does not deserve that one speaks about it on this forum, more especially as is not spared by these criticisms.

Just for your information, here is the link with Google Translate;?sl=fr&tl=en&

Greetings from Brussels,


I started reading that link, but decided I wasn’t in a good enough temper to risk reading any further… :man_facepalming:


Wow that guy has been angry for, like, the past 18 months. I don’t know how he sustains it without popping. As always, a few good points (regarding the UI complexity) ruined by pointless diatribe and name-calling. Sad.


I’ve decided to skim over. Seems to me there is a true core to some points, but a lot of exaggerated drama around. :man_shrugging:

I mean … who cares about how many loc for the lighttable. 10K lines … really… c’mon, I’ve seen much (and I mean much) worse at my work place.

Ah… not worth the hassle. Main thing to extract here is the really hostile view of a single person.


I think in reality he is desperate because the covid crisis was a major setback for the whole libre graphics/libre media movement.


My days! Just had a quick look see. He’s bloating up the internet with all that moaning. All he had to do was keep things simple with just one line. ‘I don’t like how Darktable is so here’s my folk.’

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I sort of agree its just a really embarrassingly divisive and painful screed… on the other hand-- maybe he is just laying out a very well-researched yet possibly slightly overly verbose well structured and thought out reason why I am neither a DT nor Ansel user.

Maybe it just hits different in English.

Classic AP rant. Makes a number of good points (as usual), in a way that (as usual) won’t win him many friends.


It seems if (rhetorically) he’s moved on from darktable via Ansel in the interim to (presumably) vkdt, then why all the continuing anti-darktable vitriol? I can certainly, generically speaking, understand a difference of approach but if one has divorced oneself from a project, why not just move on instead of wasting blood pressure on what caused the departure in the first place? This sort of dredging smells (to me at least) a bit like he’s trying to justify the departure in his own mind. Maybe I’m wrong.

At any rate, my time can be better used elsewhere so I’ll move on.


I guess he’s still can’t swallow the time and efforts he feels he has “lost” over the darktable project …

Generally I quite agree with what’s have already been said here.

On a later note I’d add that I hope he will play along nicely with the 1man team at vkdt project, because judging his work on darktable he seems to know his stuff !


Presumably, the developers (dunno if they do, but they should). Keeping the codebase small and well-organized is important for code quality and maintenance cost.

Personally, I like to read about discussions of code quality about an open source project of which I am a user but not a developer. It allows me to be reasonably up to date about issues, and gives a good signal about the health of a project.

These discussions are sometimes a bit heated — usually they end up as a rant after the person tried to communicate the same point in issues/PRs. What I usually try to do is abstract from the tone and look at the content.

I am not qualified to comment on DT’s code quality, because I do not actively program C++ at this point. Nevertheless, the following would bother me as a developer:

  1. I could not obtain test coverage information with 5 minutes of work. It should be visible on the project page as a badge.
  2. CI seems to run a single integration test. Is there a test suite for the processing modules in the pipeline?
  3. major additions and refactoring happening without unit tests.

LOC can be a useless metric a lot of the times and isn’t a good quantifier of code complexity. 20 good easy to read lines are better than a one liner that only the developer who wrote it understands (and vice versa).

Light table being 10k lines isn’t a problem if it has a good architecture which I can’t really comment on as I don’t know C/C++.

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While I do agree with everything said above, I got to give him points for naming the ‘while death loop’. That code is truly quite something :sweat_smile: