Answer to question "About/What's new?"

If I ask to see what’s new in G’mic, i got this error:
Screenshot 2023-11-15 085117
My environment:

  • Win 10
  • GIMP 2.10.36
  • GMIC 3.3.2
  • Samj’s package
    Is it common to other users? (I checked with only one colleague)
    Is there a way to reset the error situation (maybe cleaning a file)?

I was not able to make it crash on my side (tested with Win10, on a VM).
@samj can you confirm the crash?

I can confirm that this function does not work for gmic versions 3.3.2 and 3.3.1 compiled by Samj.
Both versions are compiled with QT6, so it’s probably some missing dll dependencies.
I have verified that this function in version from Index of /files/windows works well for Gimp-2.10.36_Portable_32-64bit-Win (just replace the files in …\Preferences\ plug-ins\gmic_gimp_qt\ )

Thanks David for testing the official G’MIC and thanks Marek for testing samj’s versions.
Hope Sylvie will fix it.


I did some tests with Gimp-2.10.36 from and Portable.
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this problem.

A few comments :

  • The DLLs of the archive are complete.
  • These DLLs should not be mixed with others.
  • If you only use the gimp plug-in you can delete Test_Full-Screen_GMIC-CLI_PowerShell.bat , Start_Terminal_With_Test_GMIC.bat , gmic.exe and gmic_qt.exe
  • Here is the configuration of my tests with Gimp-2.10.36 from

I just saw that MSYS2 has made a new version of QT6.
I will redo a new compilation with this new version.

I made a mistake in my previous message: the archive is with the latest version of QT6.

Since the creation of this archive there have been 2 DLL modified:



I don’t know if this will be useful in any way, but:
the same problem occurs for gmic_qt.exe (maybe only for Windows 10 Home 22H2) but also applies to gimp-2.99.17-Halloween-2023-Win64.
GIMP-WARNING: gimp-2.99.exe: gimp_wire_read(): error


Launching G’MIC for the 32bit version of Gimp-2.10.36_Portable_32-64bit-Win looks a bit different (What’s New starts but without data)

I know you don’t want to change it (we discussed it on GimpChat a long time ago Error for List of filters G'MIC? [no-only Japanese translated???] • GIMP Chat), but these bushes really look like some tragic mistake. :wink:


It could also be intersting to know whether other people having installed samj’s package have the same problem as we have (already 3 users have it…myself, my collegue, MrQ) or on the contrary whether someone having samj’s package installed DOES NOT have the same problem…



I apologize but I did not understand the title of this thread.

2 problems exist and are linked to QT6 with G’MIC Gimp and G’MIC QT in the About tab:

  • What’s new?
  • Download External Data

I will try to analyze these 2 problems in the coming days.

Thank you for reporting this problem :o)

Thanks Sylvie, the title is related to the problem I encountered (and one collegue as well as Mrq), i.e.: when you try to have an answer to the G’mic function (question) “About/What’s new?” we get as “Answer” an abend message.
Then MrQ added a recall to a different problem. So you’re right, two problems.

A little explanation:
I’m not sure if QT6 is the main “culprit” because “About/What’s New” for the 32-bit version of Gimp-2.10.36_Portable_32-64bit-Win doesn’t work properly and it’s based on QT5 (I might add that “Update Filters” works well).



The 32 bits version uses QT5.
To my knowledge, there is no QT6 32 bits MSYS2 version.


I’ve finally seen it - no more “bushes”.
Thank You very much David. :grinning: