Any news about Harry Durgin?


Any news about @harry_durgin?
I do miss his tuts!

Claes in Lund, Sweden

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(Mica) #2

I believe he is done producing tutorials, as opportunities for him to advance his art have left him with little time for videos.

You can visit him in Hawaii!

(St.Stephen) #3

I completely agree. Harry’s tutorials were the only way for me to get a decent handle on working with Darktable. I was hoping he’d do some new ones on Darktable’s newest features. I guess that’s not going to happen.

(Andreas Schneider) #4

I also miss Harry, but Bruce Williams is also doing a great job and has a nice series of videos about darktable:


This seems to be a reoccurring question. I wonder whether @harry_durgin is tired of it; I sort of am. I am sure that someone else has already taken or will eventually take the mantel…

(Mica) #6

AFAIK Harry does not check this site anymore, but the continued questions are a testament to his skill, in both photos and teaching.

He posted a new video just three months ago about his new photo book:

If you’re ever in Hawaii, visit his gallery:āhoa?adjust_creative=dWJMtmYxpd5N5yoyzSuhtA&utm_campaign=yelp_api&utm_medium=api_v2_business&utm_source=dWJMtmYxpd5N5yoyzSuhtA

Or buy something from his gallery on Amazon:

Or leave him some kind words on Facebook:

(Denis Thibeault) #7

Bruce Williams’ videos are indeed very helpful and well structured.

I have also found very good information with hands-on demonstrations and editing workflow with Darktable by watching the YouTube channels of Shane Milton (, Robert Hutton (, Keiford Hunniford (, and Hans Petter Birkeland ( .

(keith) #8

@asn agreed, his retouch tutorial really opened my eyes on how to use the module.

(Hans Petter Birkeland) #9

Hey, thanks for the shoutout, @Denis_Thibeault :slight_smile:
I have been slowing down a bit due to other commitments, but I’ll continue making videos whenever I can find the time.