Any plan to extend path parsing to the load command?


From the 1.3 manual I read that path parsing is currently restricted to a limited set of commands. Are there any plans to extend this to the load command? The reasoning is that it would allow pre-processing scripts to load the resulting image.

From 1.2.0 the osc_preprocessing script includes the total exposure time in the final result filename. However, once having closed the image, the only way to load the resulting image from the script is to use the file from the process sub-directory (but that one does not contain the possible changes due to mirrorx).

I also understand that the LIVETIME variable is no longer available once the image was closed but the wildcard parsing in the load command would at least allow to open the file conforming to the ‘result_*s’ pattern. An error is returned for the load command when I try it in that way and that is most probably due to the fact that the path parsing is not applicable (yet?) to the load command.

Nothing serious but I was hoping to modify the script somehow ending the pre-processing with the image loaded rather then having to use the GUI to open the result file.

Or maybe I should try pySiril?

Thanks for this marvelous program!


Hi, using path parsing to open a file would require reading the headers of all the files in the directory. If the path starts with a fixed value, that would make the search easier of course. But it’s not quite the same thing as saving. I don’t thin it’s planned.

For automated operation or for what you need, I’d suggest you name the result files of scripts, and in some cases even of commands, with a fixed name, so you can easily start them in sequence or refer to specific files in the following commands.


There are longer term plans but they will require thorough internal discussions about their implementation.
What you describe (retaining a variable) is indeed a perfect job for scripting with pysiril (or bash or powershell or else…)