Any recommendations for fixing the color shift on these expired negs?

I recently bought some film that was expired and was not prepared for the magenta color shifts. Any tips or presets that I can use to batch these?

000010040022.tif (18.1 MB)

000010020014.tif (18.1 MB)

000010030002.tif (18.1 MB)

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This image reminds me why I love digital
000010040022.tif.xmp (9.6 KB)

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With my GIMP colour-cast-reduction plug-in I get these results. I doubt any method will produce anything significantly better unfortunately.

I used rgb levels + color zones + color calibration to fix the colors,
also I’ve used common modules to add some contrast and reduce the noise:

000010040022.tif.xmp (22.9 KB)