Any solution here without needing to go to C++ [Solved]

As someone that has made pal command for g’mic for easier access to very specific colors, I feel like wanting to add 170 palettes at once. Basically, I need to generate texts based on available g’mic code with the aid of basic command prompt c++ softwares I have made. If any one looked into my code, my pal codes contains these data sets.

Pal code num - pal counted num - pal code id - palette full name - 3 channels code that correspond with code num or id.

pal 0 - pal 1 - pal bw - Black & White - (255,0^255,0^255,0)

If there is a easy out to this problem, let me know. I’ll probably end up resorting to c++ to solve this.

Really depends what you want the gmic part to look like. You might find a good text editor with search/replace/regex will do the job faster than trying to script something. We all like automation for tedious tasks, but occasionally the automation takes longer to write than doing it manually :slight_smile:

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Actually, I did found a solution. As I have gui code in pre-made palette filter that tells me the full name, pal id, author. I was thinking of using WPS Office (I tried open source solutions, but didn’t work out, so I pick this). By using a spreadsheet software, I can simply speed up the process a lot faster with the aid of Kate. I already have made softwares to convert hex, ppm, and your inputs into g’mic 3 channel codes.