Any way to convert a 3D LUT to DCP “look” table?

I’m trying to figure out how to create HSL “look” tables for building custom DCP profiles via DCamProf/Lumariver but I have zero coding/scripting ability and manually coding (as suggested in the DNG SDK) hue angles, saturation scaling and value distributions is just not going to work for me :laughing: Lumariver profile designer has tools for tweaking a look but it would be so much easier if there were a way to convert a 3D LUT (which is really just another HSL map format right?) to a format that can be used with DCamProf/Lumariver.

Also, on a related note, what’s the easiest way to build the DNG SDK on a Mac? I tried doing it manually but, honestly, all the code edits, dependencies, Xcode version requirements, etc., must be a little over my head. I did my best but just keep getting errors. I really just need the DNG validate tool to make some dummy raw images for testing some things.

So, where are you planning to insert the LUT in the dcamprof workflow? All I can envision is producing a .json with make-profile, replacing whatever LUT is contained therein, and then using make-dcp to crank out the destination profile. I don’t see an input switch…

If you post one of your input LUTs and give me an idea of what you’re thinking for the above, I can maybe cobble together a Perl script. If your machine has Perl… guess I have to ask that, nowadays… :frowning:

Have you tried the DCP profile editor…you can make a custom DCP file using any one of your images as a base…and add custom tone curves

Yeah, I’ve used that and also LumaRiver profile designer and dcamprof. You can tweak colors using those but what I’d really like to do is use 3D LUTs created in other software. Thanks though!

Why the need for a DCP file why not just use the lut??

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Yeah. Both RT and dt have lut3d capability

The DCP LookTable is, if I recall correctly, rather limited in capability compared to a full blown 3D LUT.

Hello Nate,

Did you find a way to convert a 3D LUT into an HSL “look” table?

I completely forgot that I made this post until I googled the same topic today and came up with my own thread from 2 years ago :laughing: So, nope, haven’t found a streamlined solution yet.

The most promising direction I’ve found is the (paid) app 3D LUT Creator which gives a wealth of tools to load/edit/create 3D LUTs and allows you to export 3D LUTs as .dcp profiles based on a source profile and gives the option of whether to keep or discard the profiles HSL table and profile tone curve. I’m not 100% sure whether 3DLC is amending/replacing the profile’s primary HSL table or using Look Modification Table. I know that it isn’t using the actual .dcp 3DLUT option because 3DLC’s .dcp option is based on the previous dcp spec which lacked that capability. I’m thinking that it’s probably possible to get an HSL LMT that can be used in Lumariver/DCamProf by exporting to DCP without inheriting the existing table and manually extracting the table data after converting the DCP to a readable format. You’d then have to reformat the table data to the expected LMT file format.

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I’ve done that… :crazy_face: