Any way to gradient map in GIMP and have it update in real time?

I often look at tutorials for commercial software to get ideas about post processing.

One thing I’ve seen lately is gradient mapping in photoshop. You design a gradient, then the computer maps the gradient tones depending on the luminosity of the pixel.

The GIMP also offers gradient mapping, but as far as I can tell, you set up the gradient ahead of time, do the gradeint mapping, and then it is applied.

Photoshop gives a realtime update (like “Preview” in most other GIMP effects) that lets you tweak the colors of the gradient. As you change the sliders on the gradient, the image changes immediately.

Is there some sort of workaround to do this in gimp?

There should be a preview window. See:

Yes, you can preview just the gradient, but you cannot preview what it will look like when you map the gradient to the image (In Colors->Map->Gradient Map).

I want to be able to adjust the gradient and have the changes take place in the image that I’m mapping the colors onto.

Oh I see. I believe the ability to preview tools is a work in progress. I guess you could fast track it by showing interest via their mailing list, or issuing or commenting on a feature request (or donating).

In the meantime, check out G’MIC. It has several gradient filters that you might like. Remember to update the filter list in the plugin to ensure that you have the latest and greatest.

I opened a bug report some time ago:

I remember, that this was not that easy and needs improvements in GEGL and GIMP. Perhaps start sponsoring @pippin and/or @Jehan, so they have more time for GIMP and GELG coding:


so, one clever thing u can do for now is: have a shortcut do it.