Anyone ever upscaled FullHd to 4K with machine learning?

Hi folks,

I am rendering a short animation and someone suggested to render in FHD and then upscale through AI. Has anyone ever done this on Linux? Would you recommend any program, tutorial, or wiki? This is all very new to me so I need some guidance. :stuck_out_tongue:


AI like Artificial Intelligence?


I just know of a couple of AI-based resizers for stills, AI Gigapixel comes to mind. If you’re producing a stack of stills as your renders, you could probably use one of these, frame-by-frame…

Edit: Oh, Linux… did find a reddit thread about running Topaz AI Gigapixel in wine, but it required patching… :frowning:

you mean like dlss?

my (old man’s biased) understanding was that it doesn’t work:

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If it’s lineart, waifu2x does pretty well.

I’ve only ever used it on web services because I think it needs an Nvidia GPU.

madVR (not open source) also has an upscaler which is neural network/machine learning based, and I think it’s been trained to work with a lot of real world stuff as well. So, it can be implemented to work nicely.

What expectations do you or your friend have of the AI? Could you also give us an example?

Well, it seems some CG studios are doing that. But it seems to be either inhouse tools or some proprietary solutions so I was wondering if there was anything like this in th FLOSS world.

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Thanks, will check it out. :smiley:

I ask because it would depend on your CG. They use in-house not only because they have the resources but they also need to cater to their specific content. I guess at this point you are going by trial and error.

Yeah, also discovered that in some cases they use this:

Is there anything for this purpose that uses OpenCL?

I have AMD Vega 64 card in my machine so anything with CUDA is not for me.

this is what you need

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