Anyone familiar with the UP Lab profile from Bruce Lindbloom?

At the bottom of Bruce Lindbloom’s page for his Uniform Perceptual Lab profile there is a note which reads

Marti Maria, author of LittleCMS, informed me that the A2B0 and B2A0 tags are swapped in the UPLab profile. I have created an exact copy, but with these two tags reversed. This version may be downloaded in either zip (1.2 Mb) or sit (1.3 Mb) format.

I want to play around with this color space just for a bit of fun. I’m aware CIECAM02/16 is likely a better uniform color space but I like to tinker with things for the heck of it sometimes. This description seems to imply that the download linked in the quote above is the correct ICC profile for converting CIELab to UPLab. If this is the case, why does he even offer the incorrectly labeled tags version? Can’t be for reversing the transformation, since the ICC profiles contain reverse transformations. I can’t find any contact information on Lindbloom’s site, or any information about who he is, so I was hoping someone here might be able to confirm that the CIELab_to_UPLab2.icc file is the one for correctly converting CIELab to UPLab.