Anyone know of a FOSS mobile photo planning app?

I’ve been using Exsate Golden Hour ($free but not free):

In poking around these look good, but are not free in either sense:

Photo Pills:

The Photographer’s Ephemeris:

I haven’t been able to find a FOSS alternative. Are there any?

No comprehensive alternative I know, but I am using “suntimes” for some planning.


I read epidermis. Oh, I should quit visiting discuss when I have insomnia.

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It’s okay; I think we’re pretty thick-skinned around here… :smile:

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Suntimes for me as well. The weather and cloulds doesn’t determine if I’m going photographing or not.

This Suntimes?


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I do not know about any FOSS.

I am using photopils and Planit for phtographers for the ‘planing’ and the great Clear Outside to check weather, clouds, fog, etc …

I would recommend photo pills , worth the money; check out their youtube videos

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