Anything to autoconnect points within G'MIC?

Let’s say I have this setup right now

[0] = Points Layer #1
[1] = Points Layer #2

Points is basically pixel scattered on the image.

I have these problems to solve

Problem #1 - Given certain radius, and probability, I should be able to automatically connect each points with a spline where one end of the spline is the color of point #1, and the other end of the spline is point#2. If it is below probability, then it does not get connected, and if it is, then it gets connected. Furthermore, what if I want to only connect each point only once or specific exclusion by percentile and/or include by percentile or the inversion of (specific exclusion by percentile and/or include by percentile)?

Problem #2 - If I have two images with different point, what if I want to connect every points from [1] layer to [0] layer, but it ignores points on the [1] layer.

Problem #3 - What if I would like generate a way to determine the distance from point where center line is 0, and point is 1. Think of 2 points and two line connect it? In the middle of the line, it is 0, but in the end of the line it is 1?

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