Apis mellifera (carpatica?)

The common bee.

Shot with Sony a6000, SMC Pentax M Macro 4/50, on top of 57mm of extension tubes.

Processed with Rawtherapee, cleaned up dust with Gimp.


That is a nice one, @zerosapte!

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Yes, this looks like a very nice shot of a carnica bee to me - the more commonly used name for both this family of Apis mellifera sub-species and the specific one. I only learned about carpatica as an alternate name now, when I looked it up. I’m always amazed at how calm they are when collecting nectar; with a 50mm lens, you must have been fairly close.

Calm? Hah, I’ve been struggling to get a shot like this for the last couple if years and I’ve only lucked out this time

And yes, the 50mm on top of extension tubes gives me a working distance of just a bit over an inch. The struggle is real.

Well, next challenge up then is to photograph pollen gatherers :wink:

With calm I mean two things: First, they’re not easily disturbed and keep on sucking even if you fire a flash strong enough to light ISO100/f11 at 1:1. Second, I’ve never been stung by a bee away from the hive, even if I did get very close, touched them, brushed them off by mistake etc. The warden bees at the hive take their job seriously though and you better listen.


You sure sound like you know your bees.

Lovely little creatures.

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