App image of rawtherapee-cli?

Hi all,

does anybody know how I can get an app image (for Linux) of rawtherapee-cli?

My problem is that I’d like to do some fun stuff with rawtherapee-cli but don’t have it available: I am still running Ubuntu 16.04 where Rawtherapee 5.7 will not run anymore (old libs). I have already planned the upgrade but until then I am stuck with running RawTherapee from the app image (which still runs on 16.04). But this is only the gui client, it does not include the command line version.
So how can I get an app image for the cli version? Is that available somewhere? Or could somebody who has the sources and a newer Ubuntu do me a big favor and run a build if that is easily accomplished? :slight_smile:
I would also be willing to build it myself but I am not sure if that is easily done on my old setup.

Thanks for any hints and help!

I’d extract the AppImage and then find the CLI version of RT:

Yes, that’s a wonderful idea! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

And what makes it even nicer: the creators of the Rawtherapee app image already thought about the cli command and put some code into the starter script which allows me to run the cli from inside the app image without any unpacking. Seems like you only have to pass the “–cli” flag to the app image on execution.

Exactly! The functionality is still un-documented, but should work fine. Let me know if you find some problems…

Works fine, did not find any issues so far.