App that can just toggle layer visibility

I’m looking for an app or a version of Gimp that has no editing functionality but can open Gimp files, toggle layer visibility and zoom in and out.

Any help is much appreciated.

You can remove all panels and buttons from the gimp ui until you have what you want.

I’m not aware of another app that has only what you’re asking for.

I’m using gimp to create wiring schematics with groups of wires in different layers. The users of these diagrams will not be very computer savvy so I am hoping to deliver an app along with the files that gives them just that functionality.

Is it possible to package gimp with just the necessary panels showing by default?

There are much better tools than Gimp to make wiring schematics.

For Gimp, you can technically rebuild the whole UI from scratch after removing what is not needed (ie, the Toolbox and most of the menus) but that requires some C compiling skills

It is better to create a simple HTML file. It can be opened on any computer without any specific application requirement.
You should able to grab a simple code snippet of JavaScript to show hide an item based on button click.

  • Export each layer as image
  • Add all those image to HTML and set position as absolute
  • Hide all images initially except the base image
  • Create buttons to show/hide the image. You can either create just a single button with Next . Other option is to create as many buttons as layer and just toggle the display of that specific layer.