AppImage possible bugs?

More to do with the PhF plugin…

Sometimes, when you choose the spot white balance, the screen goes the expected transparent green, but clicking over any area of the image the image goes completely black. The only way to get the image back is to choose another preset. The same thing happens when you try sopt again.

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or not, but whenever I select a mask, the image turns completely white. Turning the mask off returns it to it’s previous state.

Oh, and what does the ‘output profile name’ option (under raw developer > color) do?

Any help would be much appreciated!

I have done some tests, and I could not get any black image with spot WB… however, this could happen if you click on an area where one of the three RGB channels is exactly zero, because in this case it cannot be compensated.

Could you share a sample image and describe the area in which to click to get a black output?

What do you mean by “select a mask”? Is it in GIMP or PhF?

It allows to select an ICC profile from disk to be used as the output colorspace for the RAW processing step. This will become the colorspace in which all the subsequent processing steps are performed, at least up to the point where you eventually insert a “colorspace conversion” layer.

Don’t hesitate to ask further!


So the spot balance ‘screen goes black’ thing doesn’t happen every time I use it. But I’ll be sure to take a screen shot and post it here the next time it does.

With regard to the white screen when I select a mask, it’s when using the PhF plugin.

Thanks for the explanation regarding the output profile name. Makes sense now.

This is something I never observed… could you send a screenshot?


So, I clicked in the new layer icon, went to Mask/guassian blur. All good to that point, but turns white when I click path tools from the menu.

Prolly just me not understanding how it’s supposed to work.


Hi Brian, and sorry for the late answer…

It is normal that the path tool gives a white image at the beginning, as you have to add some control points to define the path before it can give a meaningful output.

Also, I guess you want to use the path tool for masking the gaussian blur, in which case you need to add the “path” layer to the mask of the gaussian blur layer… but before going into long written details, I suggest that you look at this video, which should explain exactly what you are trying to achieve:

The GUI interface is not exactly the same as the current version (for example, it is not necessary anymore to “activate the layer editing mode”, but the basic idea is still valid…

Do not hesitate to ask further if the video is not clear enough!