-apply_channels error

gmic -sp lena --apply_channels "-equalize -blur 2",ycbcr_cbcr

[gmic]-0./ Start G'MIC interpreter.
[gmic]-1./ Input sample image 'lena' (1 image 512x512x1x3).
[gmic]-1./apply_channels/ *** Error *** Command '-_apply_channels': Undefined argument '$2', in expression '$2' (for 3 arguments specified).
[gmic] Command '-_apply_channels' has the following description:

[gmic] Command '_apply_channels' has no description (did you mean '-apply_channels' ?). Try 'gmic -h' for global help.

Version 2.0.0 (pre-release #022117)

(Mica) #2

Have you tried with a single dash for the apply_channels command as the error says? It should be -apply_channels not --apply_channels.


It is as it should be. This example is taken straight out of the reference [page] (http://gmic.eu/reference.shtml#apply_channels).

FYI: “A G’MIC command starting with a double hyphen ‘–’ (instead of a single hyphen ‘-’) does not act ‘in-place’ but inserts its result as one or several new images at the end of the image list.”

(Karsten R) #4

Hi, its basically a bash behavior ! Try to quote or put the command into a gmic file!

gmic image.jpg --apply_channels “-equalize -blur 2”,ycbcr_cbcr

(Mica) #5

Yes, escaping the quotes works for me. Thanks.