Applying the same settings

Hello everyone,

I’ve a few photos I took the other day which can be edited the same way like the one I edited so I’d like to apply the same settings I’ve done with the one I already edited.
Is there any way I can do this?


In the Lighttable view, select the image that you want to copy from. Now select the History Stack module. Now you can copy all the processing steps, or if you select ‘selective copy’ then you can select only the ones you want to copy. (For example, you may not want to copy the ‘crop’ module and so on. This will be in the image tab Now go to the destination images, select as many as you want, and then click paste. Now all the processing steps will get copied to the images.

If you want to copy the tags, then you select the ‘metadata’ tab and follow a similar procedure

A good YouTube channel to show you how to do is below. Start from time stamp 13:41 if you want to copy the processing steps only.

Have a look here.

You can choose to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy/paste the whole history, or juste Shift+Ctrl+C / V to select the modules you need to replicate.

and here for more detail:

Okay, it worked! Appreciated!