Arch/Manjaro GMIC plugin for Digikam question

I just installed digikam 8.0 for Manjaro. Gmic is up to version 3.2.3 and I can see a gmic-qt executable in /usr/bin but the plugin is missing from /usr/lib/qt/plugins/digikam/gmic-qt

I also downloaded digikam sourcecode and compiled but no joy. Any hints how I can enable the Gmic plugin in digikam? I’m probably overlooking something incredibly trivial but the more I look, the less I see…(not entirely unusual for me :rofl: )

Hello, not really an answer to your question, but I’m running Digikam 8.0 as an appimage on Xubuntu 22.04 and G’mic shows up in the image editor, under Enhance (v3.2.2).

That’s probably because @Mike_Bing has installed Digikam from the repository instead ?
We have the same problem with Krita : packagers don’t add the G’MIC-Qt plug-in by default to the build of these software.

The AppImage version of Krita does contain G’Mic though…

Yes, when you get software directly from the developers, it is usually better packaged :slight_smile:

See this Digikam documentation: G’MIC-Qt Tool

In particular:

“G’MIC-Qt is not included in the digiKam source code. Rather, it is a 3rd-party plugin included in binary distributions of digiKam, as the Windows, macOS, and Linux bundles.”

So — no joy in compiling from sources is understandable. For me, the Question of the Day is: what form does a binary distribution of digiKam for Linux take?

From same site: digiKam on Linux

So, from digiKam documentation, the preferred Linux flavor is also an AppImage.

Hope this helps…

@David_Tschumperle , you are absolutely correct but I have no problem with configuring and compiling digikam from source. Just need to know which GMIC source package to include and how to reference it when doing the compilation (like f.i. an “–iwith_gmix-qt” switch or similar.

I actively avoid appimages and flatpaks on my system and prefer to run without them TBH.

For the compilation of the G’MIC-Qt for Digikam, I guess we should ask @hdynamo , the one who does it for real :slight_smile:

Code repository is on github :

Master branch is safe to use. Use cmake option “-DGMIC_QT_HOST=digikam” or the from the root dir:

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Yes! Thank you all for your help.


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