Architetto Weave

ref: Architetto -- lucertola maya - Openclipart

Of course I’m still playing. lol


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It’s great to get such a result from the clipart.


Thanks, samj. If it wasn’t for all the iterative steps, this could be automated. Even so, it only takes a few minutes to render. Used another pattern for background and blended using various G’MIC presets to include lylejk stencil (thanks to David for keeping this preset; he’s the one that created the preset but he created another type of stencil so kept this original preset for me), Anisotrophic smoothing (fake smudge), rodilius, and contours>gradient norm. :slight_smile:

OK; posted an extremely simple tutorial to give you all an idea of the flow. :slight_smile:

Wicker (extemely simplified). • GIMP Chat



Thank you for the tutorial :o)