Are HEIC and AVIF Files raws?

I was under impression that those aren’t raws, but jpeg2000-2

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The Exiv2 plan is to support .HEIC, .AVIF and .CR3 which are all ISOBMFF formatted files. We have support .JP2 for 10+ years. I’m not concerned if you consider Canon/HEIC to be raw or not. What’s the definition of “raw”? Lossless compression?

Perhaps I should edit the original post to say Exiv2 is requesting help from the Community to provide .HEIC and .AFIV test images. We are especially interested in .HEIC for Apple and Canon devices.

There are 164 .CR3 images already on



That’s of course up to you. But i am.
Because i don’t want to turn RPU into an (useful) garbage dump.
Because RPU is, not
We don’t want to turn it into latter.

I’m afraid i don’t have a definition ready, but low-dynamic-range, post-processed,
demoscaiced pics don’t pass the bar, yes.

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Let’s get the images from the community for the purpose of testing Exiv2 and darktable. If you subsequently want to remove images that you consider are not “raw”, that’s fine with me.

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Absolutely, let’s. But also lets not get them where they intrinsically don’t belong in the first place,
and let’s not delete them immediately afterwards, thus loosing them

How about simply uploading them here, attaching to the comments?