Are (Luminosity) Masks possible in RT?


This question is based on what @patdavid asked in this thread:

Somehow that thread just died out.
So again the question would this be possible as a future feature?
Obviously masking is already possible as the shadows/highlights tool uses masking. But how far could we go with masking? And what masks would be possible (luminosity, colors, etc…)?

(Stefan Chirila) #2

That’s a good one. I definitely would like to know that. Like applying RGB curves to just the colours and leave luminosity untouched.


O! I would like masks in RT too. It’s very useful tool for image manipulations!

(Pat Cunn) #4

For any masking, I personally tend to use/ advise an external Photoshop-like pixel editor, but I guess luminosity masks could come in handy in a lot of situations for making less trips to external pixel editors for basic quick masks.

If the luminosity mask module has an option to do an edge preserving blur of the mask, then it could replace Shadows/highlights, and make for a way to do tonemapping that is compatible with video.


If I can also dream, It would be very nice in local lab, to be able to use masks (e.g. luminosity masks or depth masks…) in addition to basic geometrical shapes.:+1: