Are there videos where veterans showcase their workflows with FOSS photography?


Having been using darktable/RawTherapee/Geeqie/Gimp/LuminanceHDR for some times now, I wonder if there are some veteran users who make videos to show their workflows? Like going from raw files into JPEG? I have realised that back when I started learning Photoshop/Lightroom, I learn a lot - both in terms of useful hotkeys and efficient workflow - by peaking over my seniors’ shoulders/looking over live editing sections on YouTube.

Are there any similar sources for us FOSS?

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Shane Milton:

Riley Brandt:

Robert Hutton:

Keifer Hunniford:

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Maybe also follow this thread On the search for a good DT workflow


Video is the best way to waste time.

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to quote a phrase “[you’re] my favourite waste of time!” :sunglasses: So is it really a waste, then? :grin:

This is not really meant to be noise on the thread … if it truly is an enjoyable or favourite waste of time (and thus, maybe not such a waste), is what is learnt (not just raw-development processing technique, also inspiration for photography) not valuable? (Where’s the philsopher emoticon when you need one?!)