ART 1.11 will not work on my new Win10 Notebook

I just installed ART 1.11 on my new notebook (win10 home) and it worked fine.
But when I want to open ART 1.11 again it doesn’t work. It does not open and does not show any error message.
On my old NB I’ve been using ART 1.8 and I liked it very much.
The source of the problem seems to be the win10 configuration.
What can be? Any suggestion?

I would first delete the options file. Then restart ART and in the Preferences chose an empty folder on an internal disk for starting ART.
It could happen that Art starts on a folder with corrupted files.
I can be wrong but I never heard of a specific configuration for Art.
But there could be problems with network disk.

Thanks a lot, gaaned92.
I did as you suggested and it worked !