Art 1.14 hangs when I try to open a RAW with umlauts in file name

when I try to open a RAW file with umlauts (äöü …) in the file name, Art dies. I have to use the task manager to kill the program. This is only in version 1.14. Version 1.13 and older worked fine. I’m from germany, so I use umlauts in file names quite often.



Operating system?

Windows 10.

Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look.

Thanks! You do a great job!

I can’t reproduce the crash on W11 and W10 in VM, but having umlauts in the name seems to prevent ART from loading the EXIF data.


Cannot reproduce with my W10 builds. All seems ok.

I forgot to enable unicode paths when rebuilding exiv2. That explains the lack of metadata. I need to investigate the crash though.

It does not really help with your problem but I avoid (means change) all special characters in filenames. They often work, but I prefer not to test.

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Hmm. I have tried it on three PCs, two with windows 10 ond one with windows 11. it doesn’t work on any.

Funny. I have made some more tests. It works with Nikon NEF files, but not with Leica DNG files. Here is one of my Leica images: sciebo

Yes, that’s it. Can reproduce with your file. Also with Adobe DNG.

DxO and Topaz Denoise DNGs work.

cannot reproduce with my W10 builds. As @agriggio noticed, it’s surely that some dependency was not built with unicode enabled.

Indeed, I rebuilt locally and it works here. So concretely you can get one of @gaaned92’s builds or wait for the next release (no ETA yet though).

Thank you very much! I think I wait for the next release. At the moment 1.13 works fine for me.

I have now installed 1.15 and it works fine :smiley:. Thank you very much!