ART 1.18.0 Session

ART 1.18.0: Session
When I select images by right clicking on the thumbnail / file operation / add to session, the image is selected.
When you select about fifteen images in a folder and fifteen images in another folder, it can happen, along the way, that you wonder if you have selected an image. A doubt.
Could we put a small yellow square to the right of the stars on the selected thumbnails to indicate that the image is in the session ?


ART 1.18.0 : Session
Quand je sélectionne des images par un clic droit sur l’imagette / opération sur fichiers / ajouter à la session, l’image est bien sélectionnée.
Quand on sélectionne une quinzaine d’images dans un dossier et une quinzaine d’images dans un autre dossier, il peut arriver, en cours de route, qu’on se demande si on a bien sélectionné une image. Un doute.
Pourrait-on mettre un petit carré jaune à droite des étoiles sur les vignettes sélectionnées pour indiquer que l’image est dans la session ?

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Salut, why not add a yellow label to the photo yourself before sending it to a session?

If you select within a session all the photos and add a yellow label there, the same label will appear on the original photos in their respective folders.

Problem solved?

I would prefer an automatic. That’s why I was asking the question.
The color labels I use for something else.
Je préfèrerais un automatisme. C’est pour ça que je posais la question.
Les labels de couleurs je les utilisent pour autre chose.

While I can see the utility in such a feature, it would probably just be a generic indicator that the image is in a session, since trying to denote a previously-unknown particular session would be graphically difficult. Maybe a hovered pop-up could indicate the session(s) name?

Just speculating…

If it is difficult to do, then it is better not to do it.
Si c’est difficilement faisable, alors il vaut mieux ne pas faire.

My point was that an icon on the thumbnail frame could visually indicate the image was a part of some session, but not necessarily a specific (named / saved) session. The more I think about it, it would be difficult to display the actual saved session name in a popup. To compare the hovered image name against the contents of the Sessions virtual folder should be easy enough, but ART has no way to know where a user might save session files. So saved sessions are out of scope in this context. To know where they’re saved would require far more infrastructure than just a user-operated save / load dialog.

Simply adding a visual marker of some sort might (?) be simple. However Alberto’s the expert and again I’m just speculating. :slight_smile:

Adding a marker for files in the current session would be easy. But it would also be tedious, and I don’t see much benefit to it. I can consider accepting a patch/PR though.

For me it’s not about attaching an image to a particular session. But simply “marked” it as the chosen image in any session.
In my idea, this marking is a simple mark of use.
To see if it’s an idea to realize…
Pour moi il ne s’agit pas d’attacher une image à une session particulière. Mais simplement de la “marquée” comme image choisie dans une session quelconque.
Dans mon idée, ce marquage est un simple repère d’utilisation.
A voir si c’est une idée à concrétiser …