ART 1.18.1 slower on Windows at least?

I have no way to be very quantitative, but 1.18.1 seems overall slower than previous versions. I’m running Windows 11 on an Acer AMD Ryzen 7 5700U 8-core laptop with SSD, AMD Radeon Vega graphics and 16GB RAM. Neither CPU nor RAM are even slightly maxed but ART seems overall a bit sluggish.

For example, on a new unedited Parametric mask it takes about 1.5 seconds just to display or hide the mask after the box is checked or unchecked. Since my laptop isn’t exactly a fire-breather (but is still decent enough) I set a sound to fire after 2.5 seconds (Preferences | Sounds | Editor processing done) as in the past sometimes I would make additional adjustments before the previous one applied. Mostly that was sharpening or noise reduction and the sound rarely if ever occurred for other edits. Now it’s fairly common on many changes (L*a*b* tweaks, zoom / fit-to-screen, etc.). When I zoom in with NR and/or sharpening active it takes noticeably longer to redraw.

This is with my 24 mp Canon T8i / 850D CR3 files.

Anyway, I’ve not seen any slowdowns in other apps, nor have I upgraded anything in the system, etc.


As long as I don’t use the Perspective tool, everything is fine and fast for me (Ryzen 3600 here, so not faster than yours). Settings that are in front of NR take the longest with shortly more than 1 second, but that are only very few. Maybe you can share an affected edit with RAW.

Here you go, this is the file I was working on when I posted.

IMG_5609.CR3 (27.9 MB)
IMG_5609.CR3.arp (30.5 KB)

I would not be at all surprised to learn my edits / editing style aren’t optimal and could be somewhat impacting performance. However, it seemed slow when I initially loaded the file and had seemed slow on prior files / edits. So it’s nothing special about this file in that regard. As a habit, I delay doing sharpening and / or noise reduction until the last thing, since they will slow down edits at best. This sidecar has both turned on but it was slow from the outset, well before I touched them.

What’s most “quantifiable” for me is the long delay (~1.5 seconds) in between clicking the show mask button and the yellow actually appearing / disappearing. That same lag is evident almost across the board. I’ve restarted ART, rebooted, etc., but no change.


I see nothing out of the ordinary. The pipeline is kind of slow, but it has been like that for a while…

…and it’s not unusable. It just caught my attention because of the noticeable relative change from how it was before. It might be my system but I have no idea what, particularly since nothing has changed AFAIK.

It seems slightly better this morning than it was last night, so maybe it needed a good night’s sleep. :crazy_face: If so, it had gradually gotten that way over the last week or more and it persisted across a reboot before improving.

As they say, “curiouser and curiouser”. :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on it.


The masks seem to have a big impact on the speed in your edit. It’s a heavier edit than I normally do. I also use local contrast by default, but for full image. Switching off the masks (and only the masks) doubles the speed for me. Also your photo has 4 more megapixels than mine. When zoom fit to window (in my case 52%) It’s noticable slower than manually set to 50 or 100%.

You’re right - There are a number of edits, but that’s (only partially :slight_smile:) because the shot was taken at the far end of my lens’ focal length, not to mention resolution. In other words, I had to pull a rabbit from a hat.* Although, I will sometimes use selected edits to subtly emphasize elements in an image. In this case I wanted to bring the turtle and snag “off” the water just a tiny bit, so I applied a light bit of local contrast to that part only, in order to not degrade the smoothness of the water.

* I’m rarely satisfied with my images as shot, so I probably over-edit them trying to (as the old saying goes) “make a silk purse from a sow’s ear”. :slight_smile:

I think that’s ok. That’s what they are for. :upside_down_face:

Zooming to 52% means the image is first processed at full size, and then rescaled. With 50%, you have 1/4th of the pixels to process, so that’s why you see the big gap

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Well, that’s one I wasn’t aware of. .How does one zoom to something like 73%

The pipeline only supports a discrete number of zoom levels. All the others are obtained by rescaling at the end. The case above 50% is a bit of an outlier though, usually the difference between “pipeline zoom” and “display zoom” is modest

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1% zoom renders pretty quick, but I can’t afford the monitor necessary to use that zoom level. :rofl:

So, the moral is… if I want to optimize response via zoom levels (which I guess is kinda similar to pixel peeping in terms of necessity) I need to stick to 50% and 100%. I tend to use “F” and “Z” quite a lot but 50 and 100 are convenient with the mouse wheel, too. I can see some difference between redraw times when dragging the preview at fit-to-screen (33% for me) and 50%. But it’s not huge.

I’d rather say just don’t go above 50%, everything else should be fine

The only reason I go to 100% is for setting sharpening or noise reduction, i.e., just the “1:1” tools. Occasionally I’ll zoom way in when adjusting chromatic aberration or defringe (to get a better view of what’s affecting what) but usually I’m at fit-to-screen.

…and speaking of 1:1, not to get too off-topic, just curious – Would it be a major issue to make the 1:1 detail window resizable, or at least offer a couple of available sizes? I know it can be zoomed in or out, but the size on screen stays the same. There have been numerous times that a slightly larger detail window would’ve been handy.

Not the end of the world, just curious.


It is resizable. Just drag one of the bottom corners (don’t remember which one right now)

Ah-ha! You’re right… It’s always appeared in the top right corner of the preview so I just tried the lower left corner of the window. Excellent! :slight_smile:

I also found a bug in the detail window and opened an issue on it: agriggio / ART / issues / #283 - Detail window's Z-order is not correct and could lead to loss of access — Bitbucket