ART 1.21.1 Appimage

The Appimage of 1.21.1 version of ART is now available



Finally Sigma SD Quattro *.X3F are working. Thank you!

I got it here: ART-W64NightlyBuilds/ –

1.12.1 ??

I think so, yes. That site seems to build always the latest version from github. The date of the Latest version as shown above the Download button always shows the current date.

I always communicate to Alex Worochilow the link to the new version.

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New to ART. I’d like to get an AppImage or a Flatpak, but I’ve never come across Apprepo. Is Apprepo - AppImage: ART the trusted way to get a build of ART? I’d prefer a stable build (1.14 I guess).

EDIT: sorry, saw now that the Apprepo builds are recommended on agriggio / ART / wiki / Home — Bitbucket :man_facepalming:

Isn’t the flatpak available from flathub?

The current version of ART Appimage is 1.14.

Just to clarify: I’m not “recommending” them, I’m just linking to them. Which means that I hope they might be useful, but I have no idea how they were created. There’s also the linux64 binary on the downloads section, which I built myself so I know that a little better. It doesn’t need installation, just unpack and run. However it might not work for your distro (for example it doesn’t work on Wayland), as I only test a couple of them.


Thanks for the clarification @agriggio!

Didn’t find it there.