ART 1.21 vs the exported image

ART 1.21. I use: ART-1.21-linux64.tar.xz. The package from the website installed in /opt/art121 on opensuse leap 15.5.

I have a problem where the exported image does not match the brightness/contrast as seen on the screen:

The exported image seems to be 1/2 stop to 2/3 of a stop darker.

My color space is sRGB.

Here’s my arp file:

What am I doing incorrectly?


Going out on a limb here, but are you sure the perceived problem is not caused by different framing? The left image is framed in black, while the right image is framed in bluish gray. To me, the dog looks the same brightness in both.

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I agree. Also, I’d check the colour management settings in both apps to make sure they are the same.

They look very much the same.

Have you tried using a third party “eyedropper” tool to read the actual values across the images?

Everything is sRGB.

  • The image was done in sRGB color space
  • ART is set to sRGB
  • Geeqie is sRGB
  • The monitor BenQ 27" is full sRGB and is calibrated. The only thing is that I did the calibration about 5 month ago with a spyder 5 pro.


I’ve not thought about that. That’s why I can here to ask.

I’m on opensuse Leap 15.5, do you have a suggestion?


I used “eyedropper” tool in ART.

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I never thought of using it this way.


Great example of why the UI might suck in a drab middle gray but editing in a middle gray surround helps to remove perceptual bias…

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