Art 1.53 Masks not showing

New user here. Trying the software for the first time, and working with a brush mask in the Local editing module, I’m not seeing the mask when the brush mask is turned on and Show mask is ticked.

I’m running v 1.5.3-30 from an AppImage on Manjaro Linux Gnome 20 desktop system.

Seems there should be a yellow indicator of my mask visible. Masks seems to have no effect on the raw image preview.

Any help in troubleshooting?

Make sure that the tool and the masks are both turned on – admittedly, this is something that confuses new users…

Thanks, that did it. Any videos or resources other than the quickstart you can recommend? I’m pretty proficient with photoshop, LR and darktable, but am looking for alternatives for friends who have similar needs but less experience. This looks promising for them. Thanks for your efforts.

There’s a series of video tutorials by @carafife; they are in French but maybe YouTube can add English subtitles?

Great, I’ll check them out. See if my high school french has lasted 50 years :thinking:

Congratulations!!! :heart_eyes:

Yes, English subtitles are available

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Good luck for the subtitles because I have an annoying tendency to speak a little too quickly :rofl: