ART can't open new raw files from FUJIFILM X-T30 II

May be that is libraw depended problem, I don’t know.

Tried with art 1.11, no libraw.
It works.

Here is my result. May be that is compressed file.

Yes, nothing FOSS can open the compressed raw files, so far as I know. You need to shoot uncompressed.

Would you mind posting the raw to the thread? I just recompiled my software with the latest libraw, and I’d like to see if/how it handles the compression.

It’s not my shot

No worries, thought I’d ask…

ART 1.11, built with recent snapshot of libraw V0.21.0.Snapshot202101
no problem with uncompressed raw .

If your available version of libraw is V0.20, ART is built with dcraw and it should be ok with uncompressed raw.

Uncompressed Fujifilm raws have been supported at least by RT and ART for a long time (and DT probably too).

Happy to be incorrect, thanks for clarifying.

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I’m using ART with compressed RAWs from X-T30 and X-T20 and it’s working absolutely fine.

Don’t have a X-T30II to check tough.