ART Color and Lens Profile

I am new to ART - and already completely enthusiastic.
There are new cameras that none of the three big raw developers (ART, RT and dt) support properly, e.g. the Sony ZV1.
ART seems to be the only one that offers “embedded” in Color Management as a replacement. And also in Profiled Lens Correction: “Embedded in medadata”. (Unfortunately not the original ARW, but the DNG from dngconverter).
That is quite great.

My question: how good are these embedded setting? They seem to work very well for me - or is it better to get the appropriate profiles from somewhere?

If the dng comes from the Adobe converter, the embedded settings are what Adobe puts there. So they are probably not the worst :slight_smile:

good, that’s very reassuring.
But, how come your ART is the only one that can do this “embedded”?

Rt can as well right ?

I’ve browsed for a DNG file before to use its matrix / profile in RT…

Hello @jorismak
What version of RT are you using? It definitely does not work for me. Here is a DNG, from Sony ZV1, made with dngconverter:
ZV100327.DNG (24.9 MB)

I don’t know… I compile it every once and again…
So, some sort of 5.9-dev version (it’s a long, long time since 5.8 was released).

You could browse for profiles, and then also select a DNG file instead of a dcp file, I believe.

If it does what you want or work on your file, :man_shrugging: .

my version 5.8 and also the AppImage 5.8-3161 cannot do this yet.


No clue if that’s new. I don’t think so, honestly. But I’m not realy up2speed at that stuff.
Also, don’t know if it’s the same as ART’s ‘embedded’.

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Use embedded, if possible

Yes, RT has this line, but it is always grayed out. You cannot select it.

You don’t have to. Look at jorismak’s last image: Select custom and choose the DNG. But I also don’t know why you have to make this detour.

Unfortunately, I do not understand this process. Could you please explain it to me: Where do I select Custom and where then the DNG?

I have to make this detour: because I have terrible colors and tonal values without any color profile. But I’m only talking about cameras that are unsupported. I have no problems with the others.

Ich meinte mit Umweg nicht die Tatsache, dass du das Profil verwenden willst, sondern die Art und Weise, wie man es in RT öffnen muss, da ja das embedded ausgegraut ist.

Schau hier, wie du das DNG unter custom auswählen kannst:


Hallo @apostel338
das funktioniert ja phantastisch!
Interessanter weise aber nur bei den DNG, die ich mit dngconverter gemacht habe.
Allerdings: Wenn ich die original Sony ZV1ARW bearbeite, funktioniert es nicht, wenn ich DNG oder ARW als Profil lade.

Wenn du das ARW öffnest, sollte es funktionieren, das DNG als Profil zu wählen. Es sieht aber so aus, dass die ZV-1 von RT noch nicht wirklich unterstützt wird und die Bilder daher flach und farbstichig aussehen. Hier ist ART wohl bereits weiter. In ART kannst du dir den Weg über den DNG-Converter sparen, wenn du dir aus dem Ordner einfach die DCP von Adobe holst und dir ein Preset damit speicherst, das dann automatisch angewendet wird.

C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\Adobe Standard\Sony DCZV1B Adobe Standard.dcp


When you open the ARW, it should work to select the DNG as profile. But it looks like the ZV-1 is not really supported by RT yet and therefore the photos look flat and have a color cast. ART is probably already a step further. In ART you can leave out the detour over DNG-converter, if you simply get the DCP from its folder and save a preset with it applied, which you can set to be loaded automatically.

Hallo @apostel338
(I am glad that you write to me in German, so I don’t have to translate back and forth with DeepL.) But I let translate into English, so that the others also have something from it).
So, the ARW does not work.
I convert all my Raw (especially those of Panasonic rw2, so that I can assign the keywords in digiKam, without having to fear that the raw go broken.
And I convert because I can set there that the jpg are binned at full size, so can I no longer need to pick up jpg in parallel, that creates much more clarity.
ZV100327.ARW (20.0 MB)

Here is another ARW, so you can try if it is different for you.
Your help has brought me well further.

Jo, so sieht es aus in ART und RT. Das bei RT ist keine Sache des Kameraprofils sondern eine grundlegende Sache der Unterstützung für die Kamera (Weißpunkt, Schwarzpunkt und so). Bei ART scheint’s zu passen.

This is how it looks for me in ART and RT. The thing at RT is not an input profile issue but a missing of basic support for the cam (black point, white point and stuff). ART seems to do well.