ART feature requests and discussion

Well, looks like it took you basically a week and I’m sure you had other things to do in that time as well! Awesome work Alberto!

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I am used to compile from:
How to do to get the new branch ?
Thanks for your help, I am far from being familiar with development process.

@srgmro Unless I am mistaken, I don’t think it has been compiled yet, so as @sguyader says, we just have to wait for one of the package builders to make one…
Correct me if I am wrong!

I try a download from:
and collect the zip file. Then I compiled it using the usual process (I always used since version 0.1). I effectively get a folder with a commit number 3c0938d…
But the compilation lead to version 1.0-63-g2642d9b20, which is the current version of master branch if I clearly understand the process. Where am I wrong ?

When you pull the sources you have to make sure you get the branch mentioned by Alberto above and not the master. This usually means calling ‘git checkout drawn-masks’ before doing the usual compiling steps.

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ART_drawn-masks_1.1-5-g4e3e51a95_W64_Skylake_200218.7z uploaded at

How do you get this version ?
i am using Linux and used to download from
and then compiled for Linux. Each time I get the 1.1 version, where could be my error ?
i would like to get the new version in order to translate in french the new lines Alberto has added;
Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi @srgmro
before compiling the software, you have to go to the drawn-masks branch with the terminal command: git checkout drawn-masks (by putting yourself in the sources folder) and then the compilation will be done on this branch.

OK that is the problem for me, where should I copy this command ? how to link ?
Sorry I am not very experimented.

Hello Serge, do what @jllailes said, so something like this:

$ cd art
$ git checkout drawn-masks
$ git pull
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
$ make
$ sudo make install

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@agriggio, your new Brush Mask is really incredible Alberto, my compliments!

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Thanks to all, succeeded with the help of @jllailes

Yes it fantastic!

sorry i’m too late … but the friend @jllailes was watching :clin d’œil:

Is the “Skylake” build good for non-Skylake cpus as well?

Only if they are better (later) than Skylake.

Ok, so no good for my old Haswell. What about AMD Ryzen CPUs, is the Skylake build just for Intel?

hi everyone, thanks for the kind words! I have now completed the feature set for the brush mask, so I plan to merge this soon. after that, it should appear in nightly builds so more people can test it


With AMD Ryzen some optimizations used in older Intel architectures are invalid or somewhat unnecessary, but it is possible to optimize for both ( and this does not necessarily mean that Skylake objects wont run ok on Ryzen. Forward compatibility across the vendors is not guaranteed.

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The new brush masks work very well. The software really has a complete set of genuinely useful features now…