ART for MacOSX (link in homepage doesn't work)

I’d like to download and try ART for Mac but the link: is not working.
Is there a way to get it?



I have the same problem. I found a version for Mac in another thread (ver 12.2) that was possible to download, but unfortunately it did not work. I also tried using crossover as suggested in another thread. When I do this I can open ART and everything works until I try to load an image in the editor, then everything freezes.

If your mac OS is non English (Latin) Version and you want to use wine crossover on it, you need winetricks installation.

I’m looking for macOS builds as well. Is there a build script/job I can try running locally on the source?

You can take a look at a couple of threads on the topic and see if there’s something you can use: