ART - Inspect in File Browser

Ciao Alberto.
I have recently found the Inspect module has greatly improved against when I first tried it, but (there’s always a but) the Inspect in RT behaves different and this is the rare time when I think the RT one has better ease of use.
In ART I have to click on the thumbnail to activate the inspect image then click and hold the button down on the image to drag around, in RT I only have to hover the cursor over the thumbnail, then move the cursor to drag around. I love less clicks.
Tell me if I’m missing something, if not, would it be possible to implement the RT version?
If there are no objections.
Take care and thanks.


I actually changed the behaviour because I like the “click+drag” better :slight_smile:
I might add an option to restore the old way though…



there you go:


That’s amazingly quick.
Many many thanks, for your time and effort.:+1:


Fantastic! :sunglasses: