ART meets the AUR

You asked for it :wink:

@mickabailly nope, it’s a V7 II :wink:

He works. It was just the “rognage” after cropping which could not appear because I had selected “background color according to the theme”
I try in Rawtherapee : it has the same behaviour

Nice! Nickel Mansell!

Going to try this out, I really could not get used to the workflow of RT, so lets see if ART makes more sense to me.
Thank you everyone involved. :slight_smile:

the Art Workflow is really extraordinary, and the local retouching really makes the difference with Rt…
have fun. :wink:

Hi there,

I’ve modified the art-rawconverter-git to make use of tcmalloc , because of this gperftools is now an additional dependency.

This is a test to mitigate exhaustive memory usage of ART as suggested by @agriggio :

Feedback welcome. If everything goes well this will be applied to art-rawconverter as well.

Hi @guzzisti, that’s why I don’t see any update available on Aur? my pamac is stuck on version 1.2.74 . Should I uninstall and reinstall ?

It should update as usual, maybe you need to install gperftools first.

Please try again, we are now on 1.2.75.

Yes that was it, I was missing gperftools !!! thank you

FYI, I’ve just pushed a change to allow linking against mimalloc, which seems to be even more efficient than tcmalloc (according to the benchmark figures). I’ll run some tests to see how it behaves with ART…


You push faster than i can build… :smile:

tcmalloc seems to work better then the default for me, will do some more testing later and will most probably adopt this for the release package.

Though I have no problem on windows, do you think it is interesting to try mimalloc on W10?

yes, it’s definitely worth trying

to benefit from mimalloc, is it enough to install this?

and Art (1.2.76) will use it automatically?

Nope, you have to recompile ART with adjusted cmake params (aka manually edit your PKGBUILD).

I tried to compile with mimalloc-git but it didn’t work out of the box. Maybe the package is broken or additional steps need to taken before. I will have a look the next days.

ok, which means it only works on the version compiled with the build-art script, right? If so, I could compare the Ram’s allocation with the two versions.

Basically it should be building with this PKGBUILD, but as i said it didn’t work for me.

I finally managed to build ART using mimalloc. Here’s the PKGBUILD for it.

I needed to create a new mimalloc package as the mentioned mimalloc-git package does not preserve the static libs. Thats why ART compilation failes. You need to install mimalloc first.

Removed initial edit as mimalloc package version 1.6.1-4 fixes missing symlink in /usr/lib.


  • mimalloc master branch cannot be built on MSYS2
  • so I built the dev branch and after install in “installdir” I get


  • then in ART CMAKE call I add
    -DENABLE_MIMALLOC=ON -Dmimalloc_DIR=$mimallocDIR

  • in the ART CMAKE step I get the message

    -- using mimalloc library 1.6

  • all seems good but I can run the ART build without copying libmimalloc.dll in it

So how I can convince me that mimalloc is really used to allocate memory?

I think we should split the allocator related posts to a separate topic as they are not aur specific. What do you think?