ART meets the AUR

I’ve made some efforts to create PKGBUILD definitions to build ART on ArchLinux and derivatives. Today I pushed the PKGBUILDs to the AUR:

Both build ART from source. The first one builds the official release version and will be updated when Alberto releases a new version.
The second -git version will build the latest sources from Albertos master-branch. I will update this package every few days so that the updates get pushed to the users who have this package installed.

I’ve done some testing, but there may be glitches (like missing deps) or the like. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Congratulations and thank you very much for your precious contribution! Very cool :+1:

*ahem*… still Alberto :slight_smile:

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ooops :open_mouth: I’m really sorry. Fixed.

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Manjaro/KDE -git version works just fine.
Thank you!

Claes in Lund, Sweden

Do the updates work with the AUR version?

They do.

On Manjaro you need to enable check for updates from AUR in pamac and you’re done (assuming you are using pamac for updating).

Thank you for your reply. I know how the updates work for AUR but my question was mainly to know if the package should be updated by the “packager” . I wasn’t clear sorry :wink:

ah, sorry, i didn’t get that. :slight_smile:

There are “Maintainers” and “Co-Maintainers” who are in charge of keeping the package up to date.
There are some methods available for users to give feedback, see the AUR-wiki for adiitional information.

super! Thank you for your fantastic job :+1:

I’ve changed to versioning of the art-rawconverter-git package to match the way it is used by Alberto for builds from master-branch. E.g. 1.1-21-g348b9dc8 instead of 8888.g34b9dc8?.

This results in the new version handled as a downgrade if you already had installed the package. It will not update automatically , you need to reissue a installation manually (e.g. pamac install art-rawconverter-git or trizen -S art-rawconverter-git ). This is a one time action.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but i think it helps avoiding misunderstandings in the long run.

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Hello. I am an art user in manjaro and I thank you for the very practical porting to AUR. But I have a (small) problem. Cropping on the screen after cropping does not work in the AUR version, after deselecting the cropping tool.

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I’m pretty sure your issue is not related to the AUR build. All it does is getting the sources from bitbucket and build it on your maschine.
Do you use the release version (1.1 currently) or the latest git build? I just checked on my machine with git build version 1.1_38 installed and it works as expected.

Do you by chance use a custom theme? There was a discussion related to the crop tool in the blackfoxx theme thread:

I have the latest version of git built from the AUR repository and the other from the bitbucket. I don’t use the backfoxx theme but TooWaGrey-Average Surround on the two versions of Art. Here are two screenshots to illustrate my about

I just read the article you mention. The solution is given by Karlheinz Lehmann (post 21): “Click any of the marked buttons instead of the leftmost button”…
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your responsiveness!

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I think we need some kind of FAQ or Wiki for things like this.

If someone submits a bug report on bitbucket, I might eventually look into it…


Yes, good idea. Nice Guzzi! Le Mans? I’ve got a Calif 2

Thanks but it wasn’t one bug, just my incompetence

the crop tool should work regardless of the background color. If it doesn’t work for some backgrounds, that’s a bug.