ART new releases

Thanks Alberto…


  • I see that lcms2.12 is approaching with a RC1 already issued. There are also some new pdf doc.
    So I was wondering if you could make some progress with the fast plugin?
  • on the ART french forum, a user showed a .RWL photo from a “LEICA CAMERA AG D-Lux 7” that presented a magenta cast with discoloration. That seems to be due to black point. The identical Lumix LX100 II has a +15 compensation in the 3 channels. So I tried that and it seems ok.
    Thanks to have a look.
    L1000085.7z (13.8 MB)


I tried, but it still behaves as in 2.11. Namely, if you want to see some performance benefits, you have to not use cmsFLAGS_NOOPTIMIZE, but this will clip the values to [0,1]. If you use cmsFLAGS_NOOPTIMIZE, nothing gets clipped, but using fast float gives no benefit at all… :man_shrugging:

Thanks, I’ll take a look

preparing for a 1.8 release, here are the highlights:

  • slightly improved “colour propagation” highlight recovery (trying to mitigate artifacts that might sometimes occur)
  • added Spanish and Catalan translations
  • changed the UI of the color/tone correction tool in “HSL factors” mode, from sliders to color wheels
  • added “luminance mode” for color correction with “separate RGB channels”
  • improved RCD demosaicing code, taken from RT
  • added a new “Glow” mode to the smoothing filter, inspired by recent discussions here
  • simplified and improved the “final smoothing” part of the “noise reduction” tool (median is gone, replaced by a custom-tweaked non-local means implementation)



Can you please point me to the changes to port them to RT

as I almost always point you to the changes in RT to port them to ART :wink:


I read here that this was already taken by @jdc, that’s why I didn’t point to it explicitly:


You don’t really think I’m hiding stuff on purpose, do you? :slight_smile:

No, definitely not.

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FYI, version 1.8 is out now. Besides the changes listed above, I’ve included two more:

As always, thanks to all the people who helped with translations, testing, feedback, suggestions and bug reports!


@agriggio Pippi & Mon chi chi :+1:

…that guy is my age :slight_smile:

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Version 1.8.1 is out now. Besides fixing some glitches with 1.8, the only significant change is a tweak of the auto-matched curve algorithm to (hopefully) improve the results for Fuji cameras that tend to underexpose a lot the raws.

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Hi Alberto, How to get the data for 1.8.1 as from download we get actually the 1.8.1-1 version. Is there a way from the commit to get 1.8.1 ?
Many tanks

yes, you should checkout the revision tagged 1.8.1.

Yes, I see the 1.8.1 tag but when I download in fact I get the 1.8.1-1
I don’t know how to download directly from the tag

I think something like git checkout 1.8.1 should do…

As said @agriggio. Or you can also type git reset --hard 1.8.1 I think.

Sorry for ignorance, but where should I type the line ?

Assuming you’re compiling from bitbucket source, type this command from the ART source folder (the one which contains .git folder)

Voila le retour de la commande dans dossier qui contient le dossier .github
serge@serge-pc:~/agriggio-art-e6275eef09a0$ git reset --hard 1.8.1
fatal: ni ceci ni aucun de ses répertoires parents (jusqu’au point de montage /) n’est un dépôt git
Arrêt à la limite du système de fichiers (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM n’est pas défini).

Looking at “agriggio-art-e6275eef09a0” I think it is certainly not the location of the ART repository as the name contains a commit hash.
You cloned ART from bitbucket repo somewhere in your PC. Go at this location (cd “location”) then type the command @sguyader indicated. It should work.