ART nightly windows builds

The Keybase download service has shut down, and the ART nightly optimized Windows builds have disappeared with it.

Will they reappear somewhere? The processor-specific optimizations are not relevant to me, it’s just the latest Windows build that interests me.
I do the Linux builds myself, but until I totally ditch Windows, having the latest Windows build available somewhere would be nice. Setting up a Windows build environment for all the dependencies looks like a lot of work, unless someone has a detailed recipe?

That might be on the Wiki somewhere… I do recall some time ago now someone posting their build instructions and I think it was for WIndows?? If I come across it I will share or someone with a better memory can bail me out or correct me…

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I don’t know, but the new “official” version is just a few days away if that helps


I don’t know when they will restore the service.
In the mean time, I will upload on my google drive.
Sorry for inconvenience

Edit : the keybase sharing service is shut down.

You will find the ART optimised nightly builds here ; ART-W64NightlyBuilds – Google Drive