ART often crashes

Wonderful app. I want to completely switch to it from Nikon’s software.
v1.20. often happens like this:
application is running. after a sufficiently long time, if you give some command, change the parameters, it crashes.
sometimes if you click on the minimized icon on the windows taskbar it just crashes.

Hi @gennadiy_4353,
thanks for the feedback! Can I ask you some more detail please? E.g. what windows version are you running, what are your system specs, what version of ART are you using exactly (e.g. the “official” one from bitbucket or one of the optimised builds by @gaaned92)?
Without a bit more information it’s difficult to understand what might be going on (also because I don’t normally run windows so I do not have much everyday experience with using ART under that platform…)

Thanks in advance

from here: agriggio / ART / Downloads — Bitbucket
Windows 11. All latest updates. On two different machines.

UPD: after a failure, the settings are not saved.

Thanks. Any other windows user with a similar experience?

Same versions of both here and no issues. In fact I can’t remember for sure a single bona fide ART crash. There have been a couple of times I’ve seen slowdowns or minor functionally quirks that prompted a proactive restart but that’s about it.

What are your machine specs? cpu, memory, drive configuration?

For a long time, I didnt suffer crash, either with my builds or yours.

Crashes of ART are very rare but sometimes happen on my PC (still Windows 10). I do not remember the versions, but I think they were the ones released this year.

One of the situations was when I was switching the editor and file browser tabs quickly. After I stopped switching tabs quickly, I do not think I have experienced a crash. Maybe I made ART too busy. :wink:

Edit: To supplement what I just wrote about switching tabs, I opened the next file to edit in the browser instead of using the film strip of the editor.

Another one was when ART was just opening a raw file to edit. But after I started ART again, there was no problem.

My PC is old and the specs are low. It is too old to run Windows 11. This might be a severe environment for programs.

just enough) 64Gb RAM, several HDD, i7-8700K…
there is also a computer and more simple i5 16Gb

ART doesn’t do any work and crashes.
then ExifTool remains in the processes also noticed.

FWIW – and it may have no relevance here – I disabled exiftool in ART (Preferences | Image Processing | Metadata):

ART now uses exiv2 internally instead and it much sped up the file browser since exiftool wasn’t being repeatedly called for every file. I have no idea if it’s related at all to your crashes and I’m not implying exiftool is actually causing any issues but it might be worth trying if nothing else works. @agriggio can probably elaborate.

If you can’t get ART to stay up enough to do it in the GUI, open C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Local\ART\options in a text editor and find this section:


Remove the path after ExiftoolPath= if it exists, save and close options then relaunch ART.

Note: AppData is hidden by default on Windows so you’ll have to show hidden files before you can find it in Explorer.

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What I would do:

  • abort all instances of exiftool
  • delete the config folder located in localappdata
  • move all files in C:\users\accountname\pictures which is the default initial starting photo folder elsewhere (not the folders).
  • restart ART

If ART doesn’t start, is the config folder created?

exiftool should be fast also on windows now (since a couple of versions ago IIRC), but I agree that it might be worth trying turning that off and see if it makes any difference. Also what @gaaned92 suggested is good: try to delete your cache and preferences and see if a fresh start improves the situation. Finally, you can also try some other binary package from ART-W64NightlyBuilds – Google Drive


I found out that the keyboard layout somehow affects it.

for example, the ‘RU’ layout is selected, go to the ART window,
press several times e.g. L, Shift+L,
but at this time the hotkeys do not work on the selected layout,
go to the ‘EN’ layout (Ctrl+Shift) and at this moment it crashes.
I also checked RT. His window also closed, and ART flew off at the same time)

I switched different language options in Windows settings.
No crashes have been observed since then.
Let’s assume that this is a glitch in my system)

Thanks for the info, and great that you found a workaround. Can I ask you what language settings were giving you trouble?

the settings I tried to change in Windows:

  1. time&language->preffered language->english
  2. time&language->typing->advanced keyboard settings->language bar option
  3. time&language->administrative language settings->copy settings