__ ART on Zorin __

I’ve transitioned my Dell XPS13-933 from Win10 to Zorin. I had a major fubar on Win10 and the machine was basically left in an as delivered state (no user installed software). I figured rather than going through the gyration or reinstalling everything again, it was time to switch to FOSS on this box.

I run Elementary OS on a desktop, so I’m not “exactly” a Linux neophyte, but I’m farr from an expert. I definitely know enough to be dangerous…

Anywho, I’ve downloaded ART and placed ART.bin in a local folder and then did a chmod u+x.

Typing in ./ART.bin on the command line, I get

" ./ART.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libjpeg.so.62: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory".

Don’t recall seeing that when I installed it on the EOS box.

I’m guessing EOS already had the library installed an Zorin doesn’t.

Can a greater Linux-phile than me spread some light on the topic?


Search synaptic for libjpegand install it.

Well, if I had bothered to search, I need to run ./ART not ./ART.bin.