ART & opensuse leap 15.5

I’m on leap 15.4 and it works, very happy: :grinning:

I’m about to upgrade to 15.5. Has anybody already done it?

I don’t want to have to roll back since ART is one of my critical app.


just ask the maintainer of the project from which you installed ART to enable 15.5.

FWIW: the 15.4 ART package should just keep working anyway.

I’m just using

I just want to know if there are some library that are needed at specific version that wouldn’t be present in 15.5.

Just a very short test in a VM.

JFYI ART is actually part of 15.5. and in Tumbleweed. and in the graphics project on OBS.

Excellent. Thanks

I didn’t know that. Thanks