ART - problems with Fujifilm raf convertet to dng [solved]

Hello to all those who are familiar with this.
ART has no problems with the original raf files from a Fujifilm X-T10. However, when I have (unfortunately) converted them to a dng using Adobe dng converter, ART can no longer handle them. RT has no problems.
What can I do so that ART can still develop them well?
Fujifilm_X-T10_Adobe-dengconverter.dng (25.7 MB)
Fujifilm_X-T10_original.RAF (32.3 MB)

thanks for the report. It was indeed a bug, it should be fixed now.


I can’t believe how active you are in the development of ART and in the forum. So much help for everyone who asks is quite extraordinary.

You write that it’s already fixed - where can I find the improved version for Linux?
But if I have to wait a little longer, that wouldn’t be a problem either.

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It’s on the master branch in the git repository at bitbucket. You need to build it yourself if you want it right now. Otherwise you have to wait for the next release, which will come when I decide it’s time (and I actually have enough free time to do it :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I will wait.
Tell me, do you work with Linux? I’m just asking out of curiosity, I switched from Windows a good three years ago, it was a rocky road for me - but I’m very glad I did it.


ART can now handle the Fujifilm RAF files converted to DNG.
Got the update to ART 1.21.1 from Linux Manjaro AUR today - it works great.
Thanks Alberto.