ART quits - without telling why

I really like ART - thanks for fixing the usability of RT. However, the program occasionally quits (well, once or twice every few hours. It’s not particularly drastic…) without giving any message. Also Windows protocol doesn’t show anything. Is there any hidden log written by ART that I couldn’t find yet, or is there a way to force logging?

I’m using the latest nightly build as of now: ART_master_1.9.3-42-g30e7fb74d_W64_Znver2_210924
It’s the same with current stable release.

glad you like it – but just to clarify: ART doesn’t “fix” anything, it just makes different trade-offs.
That said, the best you can do is try running a debugging version from gdb, and print the backtrace on exit. That will tell us (hopefully) what is going wrong. RawPedia has instructions on how to do this


I now remember having read about this in an other thread. Since the debug version would have to be built by myself, I’m afraid I won’t be able to offer further usefull information.

I see. Though maybe one of @gaaned92’s builds has also a debug version? I seem to remember something like that…

The generic version includes the debug version art-debug.exe and the debugger gdb.exe.

To use the debugger see How to write useful bug reports - RawPedia

Thanks, so I will change to generic and see, if I can catch the problem.

Here’s a first one.

log.txt (70.6 KB)

Can’t exactly tell when this happend. I opened a photo from ARTs file browser, didn’t do any edit on it, wanted to switch back to file browser, nothing happens. So I can’t really tell if ART freezed at opening the photo or switching back to browser. After restarting, I could at least see, that it applied the default profile to the photo. The last like three crashes before I switched to generic build were at opening photos.

Thanks. Are you using “multiple tabs mode” or “single tab mode”? If the former, can you try switching to the latter and see if it still happens?

Single Tab. Generally all settings are set to default.

Another one, while opening photo.

log.txt (134.6 KB)

Thanks. Unfortunately it’s really hard to understand what is going on, the backtraces indicate some stack corruption but nothing more than that… :frowning:
One thing we can try, but it’s a bit of a shot in the dark, is to increase the default stack size for threads… so, can you try the version below and see if it is any better? Thanks!

I will test this.

I have used your test build on about 200 photos now and it quit 2 times. It feels like an improvement.

Little offtopic:

There seems to be an unintended behavior in the waveform histogram.

I would expect more left-right-movement of the luminance-part.

Here’s another bug:

Toggle the Before/After view crashes at DNG created by DxO Photolab. I sometimes use it for denoising. It seems to work with DNG from Adobe Converter.

Sorry for not beeing able to offer proper backtrace. It just says “no threads” in the log.


DSC_2357_DxO.dng (68.5 MB)

Here you have a DNG to reproduce if you’re interested.

I also don’t know if the debug works as intended. It writes a lot of crazy stuff at startup.

crazy stuff.txt (35.7 KB)

Thanks! should be fixed now