ART v1.0 is out

Hi, I’ve finally released version 1.0 of ART.
All the info (source code, a windows installer, and some screencasts), is available at
Thanks again to all the people who helped!


Congratulations Alberto!! :smile:

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And Thank you for the hard work :grinning:

And optimised build for skylake and above
uploaded at


Great stuff!

Excellent timing! I have just managed to fix some packaging issue that was preventing my automated windows builds to complete successfully.

You can find a preliminary Windows installer at this link: Release V0.1 · aferrero2707/art-win64 · GitHub
Would be nice if some Windows user could confirm that everything works as expected.
Meanwhile I will resume the work on the AppImage side…


Thanks a lot, Alberto! I’m trying to use ART as my main raw dev tool. Simple and efficient. RawTherapee is too overwhelming with a lot of stuff I don’t need. And darktable going through a revolution of undoing bad habits of the basecurve and LAB halos :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help! Just in case, it would be great if someone could provide also a Mac build. If someone is interested and willing to help, please let me know.


  • Installer : when installing, the installer complains that bitmab image is not valid and it stops. I suppose that when generating the installer, the wizzard image file installerStrip.bmp was not found.

  • I see that the config dir is ART5-dev. Perhaps for a stable release it shoud be ART (no suffix) and for dev builds (including Release Candidates) it should be ART-dev.
    @agriggio your decision?

@agriggio Alberto thanks for the change in the before/after view, it’s much more intuitive now in my opinion.

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actually, I think in the “official” installer the config folder is already ART

Yes, but generally and for the CI set up by @Carmelo_DrRaw, and my builds, do you agree to have ART-dev for dev build and ART for stable builds (0.1, 0.2…) or do you prefer something else?

your proposal makes sense, yes. Thanks!

Hello Alberto,

I cleaned the default language file a bit, deleting those entries from RawTherapee that didn’t make it into Art (like Wavelets, a much reduced Exposure module, etc.). The resulting file is about 25% smaller, which makes translators happy! As far as I can see, this file breaks nothing in Art. But if someone finds some missing tooltips or something, that is easily restored. The white lines indicate where I deleted one or more lines.

Also an updated Dutch translation.

Another point, in the ICC Profile Creator there is a line that reads “Copyright RawTherapee 2020, CC0”. I suppose this © line needs to stay like this (instead of ART 2020)?

Last point, in the Preferences window, the Splash screen and the Version tab still show 1.0rc2 instead of 1.0 (and I just compiled the latest source code from github).

Another last point, a tooltip for your Log Encoding module would be welcome! Why and when to use for example. :wink:

O yeah, congratulations with your nice work!

Regards, Paul.

art_default.stripped.txt (95.2 KB) Nederlands.txt (91.7 KB)

Thanks a lot! I was planning to do this eventually, but always postponed… :slight_smile:

Honestly I have no idea… in fact, if anything I think that the copyright should go to the person creating the profile…

Hmmm, I see 1.0 here. Can you try building from scratch? maybe there’s a cmake quirk somewhere (I wouldn’t be surprised).

Log encoding is essentially a poor man’s version of the filmic of darktable (minus the “look” tab, which you can do yourself by using the tone curve). But I’m not sure this would make for a good tooltip :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, there are articles and a couple of videos about dt’s filmic that should apply to log encoding as well.

Hi Alberto,
What would be the best way to provide you with the updated versions of translation files ? Do we continue with the open topics ?

good point. I’ll open a dedicated issue on bitbucket

So here is the last update of the french file (ART 1.03). New lines 749, 788, 807, 841, 844, 1949, 2261, and 2271.Francais.txt (151.4 KB)

@gaaned92 @agriggio

regarding theinstallerStrip.bmp image file for InnoSetup, the file is actually found but the installer somehow doesn’t like it. If I replace it with the original one from the RT sources, the installation proceeds correctly…

Concerning the config dir name, and more generally the distinction between development and release builds, I must say that the way the RT repository is organized is very convenient from the CI point of view. In their case, they push the code of the official releases to a special “releases” branch. It is therefore easy to instruct the build scripts to treat the packages from the releases branch differently, for example setting a different name for the config folder or give a different name to the output packages.

Would it be possible to do the same for ART?

Hi @srgmro, I’ve just created a dedicated issue on bitbucket:

Can you please try to upload the translation there? Thanks!

Strange, it worked for me when I created the installer. I used the latest version (I believe) of InnoSetup, I don’t know if that makes a difference though…

That can certainly be arranged!